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Have you discussed your vaginal symptoms with the following healthcare professionals? (select all that apply)

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If you had discussions with a healthcare professional, what was the primary treatment recommended for your vaginal symptoms? (select only one)

How long did your doctor tell you that you will need to take this product for?

Have you tried a product for these vaginal symptoms without a healthcare provider’s recommendation?

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For how many months have you been taking this product?

What is your level of satisfaction with this product to treat your vaginal symptoms?

Would taking a hormone therapy concern you?

Why or why not?

Are you aware that healing the vaginal lining (restoring the cell lining by healing tears and damage) is an important aspect of treating vaginal dryness?

Would having to talk to a pharmacist to get a product for this condition (because it is behind the pharmacy counter) versus just getting it off the front store shelf discourage you from trying a product?

Why or why not?

If you were recommended RepaGyn, and not taking it, why not?

What is your level of satisfaction with RepaGyn?

How long did your doctor tell you that you will need to take RepaGyn for?

Did you have any problems obtaining RepaGyn?

Anything else you would like to add regarding RepaGyn, the website, patient information, or other suggestions?

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